Have you noticed the pictures and the proposed characters I present here to you? Is it fantastic to learn Chinese characters in this way? Chinese language is a tonal language, each character is independant in stucture and meanging, so it is very smart to make a new characacter with a root of one character. The following Chinese characters are made up by putting 2 or 3 identical characters together. I let you guess the meaning of the character made up with the repeated character “木 mu, wood / tree”, “林 lin, bush” , “森 sen, forest” and “十shi, ten / cross”

Chinese character 森林木十 Chinese characters 木林森


Root character

èr, two

yī, one

lín, forest

mù, tree

cóng, to obey

rén, person

chū, to go out

shān, mountain

chuàn, to string

zhōng, centre

péng, friend

yuè, moon

yán, flame

huǒ, fire

shuāng, double

yòu, one more time


kè, to overcome

chāng, flourishing

rì, sun

kǒu, mouth


Root character

sān, three

yī, one


chē, car

yàn, spark

huǒ, fire

miǎo, expanse of water

shuǐ, water

lěi, heap of stones

shí, stone

jīng, crystal

rì, sun

xīn, prosperous

jīn, gold

zhòng, crowd

rén, person

chù, upright

zhí, straight

sēn, forest

mù, tree

niè, whisper

ěr, ear

jiān, wicked

nǚ, woman

jing1, beautiful eyes

mù, eye

pǐn, article

kǒu, mouth


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