—- Learn about Chinese greetings (Taiwan/Hong Kong) —–

People from Taiwan and HK prefer saying “……安 ān!”, but people from China Mainland prefer saying “…好 hǎo!”, because in general Chinese people say “你好 Nihao!” for any time of the day.  Also you can replace “你好 Nihao!” with the following greetings at different time of the day.


早安 zǎo ān. Good morning! (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong)
早上好 zǎoshang hǎo. Good morning! (used in China Mainland)

午 安 wǔ ān. Good afternoon! (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong)
下午好 xiàwǔ hǎo. Good afternoon! (used in China Mainland)

晚安 wǎn ān . Good evening! (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong)
晚上好 wǎnshang hǎo. Good evening! (used in China Mainland)

晚安 wǎn ān. People from China Mainland say “晚安 wǎn ān!” for “Good night!” when saying bye-bye in the evening. It means quite different from that used in Taiwan and Hong Kong which is just for greetings in the evening time.
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