—-Learn to cheer in Chinese: Jia you! 加油! —–

 Let’s learn to cheer in Chinese (Video):

Beijing! Jiayou!

Zhongguo (China)! Jiayou!

Aoyun (Olympics)! Jiayou!

Yao Ming! Jiayou!

(1) add oil, refuel at the refuelling station for your cars;
(2) cheers; to make an extra effort;

I was at the Olympics and during the opening ceremony, I watched from outside the stadium. One person would shout something like “zhong guo!” or “ao yun!” and everyone would respond with “jia you”. Ask teachers from www.ChineseHour.com for details.

One Russian guy thought it was funny how people where cheering, so he decided to lead the cheer. He stared with “zhong guo!” but then started shouting “Russia!” and the Chinese still responded with “jia you!

So funny how they were so pumped up that they didn’t know what “Russia” means.

Watch a TV commercial publicized by Sinopec which blends smartly the two meanings of “JIA YOU” in the advert:

中国石化奥运会广告–加油篇 (视频)



—–Read more about “Jiao you!”—-

老外眼中最牛”中国元素”竟是两个汉字 (张放)

JIA YOU: The most typical element in Chinese language in foreigners’ eyes


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