China to issue special 10-yuan  bank notes to mark Beijing Olympics

Olympic Commemorative bank notes


àoyùn jìniàn chāo

Do you have the habit of collecting commemorative stamps or Olympic souvenirs? The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank, is to issue a commemorative bank note with a face value of 10 yuan ($1.46) from Tuesday to mark the Beijing Olympic Games, the bank said in a statement on Sunday. So, when you visit Beijing, remember to exchange the special 10-yuan bank notes of RMB for your collections.

A total of 6 million such notes would be issued.

The PBOC said it would issue a total of 6 million such notes, which would be circulated in the currency market with the same denomination as the ordinary 10-yuan notes.

The new note, in cyan, is 148.5 millimeters long and 72 millimeters wide, according to the central bank. While the ordinary 10-yuan notes are in cobalt black, 140 millimeters long and 70 millimeters wide.

On one side is a picture of the National Stadium, or the Bird’s Nest 鸟巢 (Niao Chao), the main venue for the Games in August. Above the picture is the emblem of the Beijing Games, “Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing”. The picture of national stadium and the emblem are both set against the backdrop of the Temple of Heaven 天坛 (Tian Tan), one of the country’s best-known landmarks. Do have have any problem in speaking right mandarin for these Chinese characters? ChineseHour is your first place to learn basic Chinese online. There are native Chinese teachers to help you to learn Chinese online anytime of the day. Visit and talk to their Courses Advisor now!

This takes the place of the portrait of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong and China’s national emblem on the ordinary 10-yuan notes.

The other side features the famous ancient Greek marble statue of a discus-thrower, Discobolus, portraits of athletes and the Arabic numeral “2008″.

These replace the drawing of the scenic Three Gorges, but the name of the PBOC in Chinese pinyin, Mongolian, Tibetan, Ugyur and Zhuang, remains in the top right corner.

The central bank also said it incorporated watermarks and other technologies to prevent counterfeiting of the notes.

A clear watermark appears on the picture of the National Stadium in the shape of the Arabic numeral “10″ and the Games of XXIX Olympiad in the Chinese characters, said the bank. is your first place online to learn to speak Chinese! Why not go there to have a look?

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