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October 2007

Qián Mén Qíng Sī Dà Wǎn Chá
 前   门     情   思 大 碗  茶       
At Qianmen while missing a big bowl of tea

The song is a folk song for old Beijingers, it is full of Beijing flavor with the Jing Yun Da Gu (unique traditional Beijing art form). The Qianmen tower of red wall and green tile, […]


   Fū   qī  shuāng shuāng  bǎ jiā   huán
Going home in couples
The theme Song from 天仙配(Tian Xian Pei) Marriage of the Fairy Princess, 1955
Huangmei Opera, formerly named Huangmei Melodies, has a history of 200 years. Originated in the tea-collecting songs in the region of Huangmei, Hubei Province, it incorporates the folk songs in Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi Province. […]

王府井小吃街 Wangfujing Street in downtown Beijing is a bustling commercial area. In early 2000, it was made a pedestrian street, the only one in the Chinese capital, and not long ago, a snack street was opened in the southwestern part of Wangfujing Street. All the snack stalls there are built according to the architectural style […]

Xu Jinglei has constantly changed who she is since she began to perform ten years ago, from an actress to a director, then a famous blogger, “Lao Xu” (http://blog.sina.com.cn/xujinglei) .
However, these changes were not all planned,  including many “firsts” such as writing in her blog for the first time, recording a song, performing in a […]

少林寺 Shao-lin Temple, one of the most famous temples in China, has more than  one thousand and five hundred years in history. It is believed to be the original place of Chan(禅), a major branch of Chinese Buddhism.  Besides its significant role in Chinese Buddhism in religious books, Buddhism teaching, herb medicine, temple architecture, and […]

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