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The Qingming Festival (traditional Chinese: 清明節; simplified Chinese: 清明节; pinyin: Qīngmí ngjié), which means clear and bright in Chinese, falls on April 4th this year. It is both  a festival to hold memorial ceremonies for the dead (view the image), it is also a day to celebrate the coming of  spring, often by going out for […]

赵本山 Zhao Benshan
小品 xiaopin, skit and sitcom 
Zhao Benshan  赵本山 (Zhào Běnshān) born in 1958 is a Chinese skit and sitcom actor, and recently turned director and producer of “farmer TV series.” Recently, he unexpectedly joined China Football (Soccer) League’s Liaoning Club as its chairman, unveiling a new chapter of his life.
Secret of the name
赵 […]

The abacus 算盘 suànpán (suàn–calcualte; pán –frame) is a mechanical aid used for counting; it is not a calculator in the sense we use the word today. It is considered the oldest computer invented by Chinese people 2000 years ago.
Anatomy & Construction
The standard abacus can be used to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication; the […]

梅兰芳 Mei  Lanfang
An introduction to Peking Opera would not be complete without mentioning female impersonator Mei Lanfang (1894-1961). Traditionally only men performed Peking Opera, including the female roles — and Mei Lanfang was the master. During his stage life, Mei embellished traditions of the past with his own creations, shaping a style of his own, […]

In 1905, China shot its first film, Ding Jun Shan, which was also considered as China’s first kung fu film by some people.
In the 1970s, China’s famous kung fu star Li Xiaolong (Bruce Lee) shocked the film circle, earning China’s kung fu film worldwide recognition.
1920s-1950s: Early Stage of Kung Fu film
In 1928, the first golden […]

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