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On July 18 afternoon, a press conference was held at the Main Press Center (MPC) in Beijing regarding the launch of official posters of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Zhao Yanxia, deputy director of BOCOG Culture and Ceremonies Department, pointed out that Olympic and Paralympic posters are an important part of promoting the appeal of […]

When you come to Beijing Summer Olympic Games, you can have a sightseeing tour around the Beijing, experience 5000-year history of China and learn to speak Chinese at Chinesehour. Visit of the imperial city includes : Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, excursion to the Great Wall, the Sacred Way and the […]

和 为 贵。
 hé wéi guì. Harmony is prized.
Here is the general introduction to concepts at the core of Chinese society and relationships including guanxi, renqing, mianzi and keqi. Can you tell about the common expressions in mandarin Chinese fluently and immense yourself into Chinese culture?
“Do as Chinese do when in China.” If you don’t know how, please […]

和谐 社会
 héxié shèhuì
 harmonious society
Building a socialist harmonious society is an important strategy for carrying out a scientific concept of development, only by promoting development and deepening reforms is it possible to solve the many contradictions and problems existing in China’s structural transformation period, to better harmonize multi-faceted interest relations and safeguard social harmony, progress and stability.
Do […]

shăo lín sì, Shaolin Temple
Ordering your favourite kung fu paraphernalia is as easy as high-kicking a pressure point now that those canny monks at the Shaolin monastery in China have opened their website.
Martial arts enthusiasts can snap up a pair of Shaolin slippers or a kung fu handbook with the merest click of a mouse […]

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